Video Analysis Lesson - VAL

Video Analysis Lesson - VAL

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VAL by Pete Taylor will enhance your understanding of the game and improve performance. Here's how a typical video analysis tennis lesson is conducted:

1. Setting Up the Video: The lesson starts with Pete setting up a video recording device at a vantage point that captures the entire player and the player's movements. It's essential to ensure the camera is stable and positioned in between hip and shoulder height and is directly behind the player or directly to the side of the player.

2. Recording the Session: With the camera recording the entire practice or specific shot. The player performs lesson as they normally would during training.

3. Review + Analysis: Within 48 hours after the session, Pete will load the analysis software, create a player profile with detailed points on technique along with a review of the session.

4. Movement Analysis: The player's movement on the court, including footwork, positioning, and court coverage, is also looked at and reviewed.

5. Strategy and Decision-Making: The video analysis also reviews the player's decision-making during the session. The coach assesses shot selection, shot placement, and tactical choices, offering guidance on how to make better decisions.

6. Feedback and Recommendations: Based on the video analysis, Pete provides feedback and recommendations for improvement. Drills, exercises, or adjustments to the player's technique and strategy are included. This is all done with Onform Analysis software and within the player profile Pete will setup for you.

7. Goal Setting: A key part of the lesson involves setting specific goals and targets for improvement. Pete and you will work together to outline a plan for ongoing practice and skill development.

8. Practice and Follow-Up: The player takes the insights from the video analysis lesson into their practice sessions. The coach may schedule follow-up sessions to track progress and make further analysis.